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Dannemand Frost Architects is a design studio with extensive experience in transforming existing buildings. For the past 10 years, owner and lead architect Esben Dannemand Frost have specialized in the transformation of industrial architecture into new use.

In our work of transforming existing structures, we focus on developing the site’s potentials, and providing the strategic and aesthetic basis for realizing a new form and function. We develop the project from idea to finished project by being present in the development, by getting to know it well.

We have extensive experience in developing locally based transformation projects involving cooperation between volunteers, private and public stakeholders. We are driven by the goal of high architectural quality in the real world, and we achieve this through an approach based on artistic ambition, technical knowledge and collaboration.

We see the existing structures as a resource that can create value for the user, the owner and the community. This approach is a societal agenda that we believe is necessary, and which is at the same time a personal driving force that can reconcile technology and function with place and aesthetics.

We release the potential!

We are specialized
in the development and transformation of existing buildings

We are involved from idea to delivery
and release the potential by shaping the transformation and securing the value through the design and construction phases

We know the opportunities and challenges of transforming existing buildings
and we use this knowledge to create the greatest possible environmental, social and economic value for the client

We have special competencies and experience within
Project development and concretization
Programming and design of transformation
Construction legislation and authority dialogue
Project and construction financing
Project management and co-creation


Esben Dannemand Frost
Owner, lead architect

(+45) 2252 7115

Dannemand Frost Arkitekter ApS

Obstrupvej 25
8320 Mårslet

VAT: DK 41922222

Esben has extensive experience with strategic development of the existing built environment and has worked with all phases of construction from idea and analysis to design and completion. Esben has especially worked with the potentials of cultural heritage and with the building heritage of industry, agriculture, cities and the public sector.

As the owner of Dannemand Frost Architects, Esben works with the aesthetic and strategic potential of the existing buildings as a resource that can create quality of life, identity and development locally. Ambitious transformation projects can be long-term and financially complex, and Esben has a special focus on ensuring high quality, financial overview and the good process in the work of developing architecture.

Esben has 10 years of experience in project management of locally based construction and development projects that involve a collaboration between volunteers, private and public stakeholders. He is particularly driven by the goal of translating ideas and ambitious visions into concrete and finished projects of high quality.